When will WiFi be free EVERYWHERE?

When will our politicians stop sucking so bad?

When will people, outside of Miami, begin rooting for the Heat? Oh wait….NEVER!!

When will I get to sleep with Monica Bellucci? Oh wait….NEVER!!

When will people stop underestimating the Celtics?

When will my ship finally come in?

When will bigots stop using religion to hide their hatred of gays?

When will Jason Plaud try out for Americas Got Talent?

When is the Queen of England going to die?

When are Americans going to stop caring about the Royal Family?

When is Kim Kardashian going to take a break from famous dick?

When will ANY city be as good a sports city as Boston?


When will climate change cause an utterly unthinkable catastrophe?

When will my wife find a job in Boston?

When is someone finally going to expose the corruption in the NBA?

When will someone knock out Rush Limbaugh?

When will the next American Civil War happen? It’s inevitable people.

When will Brad and Angelina finally get married?

When, if ever, will they make a sequel to The Italian Job?

When, if ever, will they stop making James Bond movies? Hopefully, never!

When will there ever be another show as good as LOST?

When will the right come back towards the middle?

When is 5G coming?

When do we finally make “contact”?

When will Cowboy fans realize that their team is no longer relevant?

When is the longest day of the year?

When are people going to stop saying two thousand twelve? It’s twenty twelve. I wasn’t born in one thousand nine hundred seventy. Get with it people.

When are we going to stop using the death of a guy, who was no different than me, to determine what year it is?

When is ESPN going to become credible again?

When will we have a great American heavyweight champion again?

When will a police department ever just admit an officers wrong doing, and prosecute him?

When will my dog stop barking for stupid reasons?

When will ALL my Facebook friends “like” my blogs, so I can get more followers? It’s not that hard folks. 😉

When is Jane going to sleep with Lisben?

When is the leaning tower just going to fall over?

When will someone discover the cure for old age?

When will they stop letting Magic Johnson talk at halftime? Dude is awful.

When will they finally find a successful show for Christian Slater to star in?

When is someone finally going to find something alien in the Great Pyramids? Maybe an iPad 22 or Tupac and Elvis playing dice.

When will I write something that gets me discovered?

When did Nelly Furtado get kinda heavy?

When will the Matrix be a reality? That may be an oxymoron.

When will this country get its head out of its ass?

When will EVERYONE have the same rights?

When will my back pain go away?

When can I start getting $35 in my account if my bank screws up?

When will I do a blog like this again?

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Just my thoughts on whatever has my attention.

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