I am merely just another human being, enjoying this short ride we call life. I am the happily married parent of two wonderful children and one 21 year old know-it-all. Life is my passion, and no topic is off limits. My greatest hope is that every post I make, will reach the reader emotionally. Leave them laughing, thinking, or just entertained. If not, then I guess I’m not very good at this. 😉

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  1. Can you give me a call, please? Or e-mail me a phone number where I can reach you? I want to talk with you about posting this on our news site.

    Thanks much.

    Bruce Tomaso
    Breaking News Editor
    The Dallas Morning News


  2. Jeff,

    I didn’t think what you wrote on “Reality Check” was malicious at all. It was terrific. I hope you will reconsider and re-post it.

    Stu Hackel

  3. Jeff,

    Just as Stu Hackel posted above, I too would like to read your post about Karlis Skrastins and his family based upon all of the positive feedback in the results.

    I lead a bunch of Latvian guys on a hockey team here in the US and they were the ones that alerted me to your post (although after it was removed from your site). We all take great pride any time our national team takes the ice – no matter what the odds are and whether or not we are the favorite or the underdogs. Latvians just love their ice hockey and regard their national team players as national heroes.

    With your permission, I would love to share your thoughts with them so that they can get what they need out of this. Being here in the US, information on this tragedy has been sketchy at best due to the fact that we all need to reach out to European-based sources for more information other than what the AP had provided for ESPN, SI, Fox Sports, etc.

    If this piece is as good as it is – and I am sure that it is based upon the positive feedback that I have seen on this site – I would love to forward your sincere thoughts (or at the very least paraphrase them) to those of us Latvians here in the US and Canada struggling to get a grasp of what has happened in this tragic occurrence and how we as fans and friends of the deceased can move forward with our own grief.

    Some knew Karlis better than others, but all seemed to know him in some form or another and felt a kinship to him as he ultimately was one of us. I would be honored to at least be able to share your thoughts in one form or another to other Latvians, if possible.

    Kind regards,

  4. Hi!
    i’m from Latvia and i would be really pleased if you could send me a copy of your post about Hockey player Kārlis Skrastiņš…! I’ve read all the comments, bur i didn’t have a chance to read the blog!
    Not to mention, that i have no intentions of publishing it further, or do anything bad!

  5. I would also like to read the story on Karlis’ family that you wrote, it was already down by the time I heard about it. He was one of the kindest men I have ever had the privilege of meeting and getting to know. I feel for his family right now and I myself am having a hard time coping with this.

  6. I also didn’t think that what you wrote on “Reality Check” was malicious. It was actually very good. I really hope you will reconsider and re-post it.

    Best regards,

    Tony B.

  7. Chick,

    Like all the others, I read and loved your moving piece about the Skrastins. I am saddened to see it removed.

    I had sent the link to my wife to read. She worked for the Minnesota Wild until a few years ago and hockey runs in our blood pretty strong. Now she cannot read the link because of the removal.

    Any chance you could reconsider the removal of the post or perhaps forward it to me via email so my wife can see it.

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