How Did I Get Here?

In life, we all make certain choices that have a huge impact on our lives……Buy this house or that house? Take this job or the other job? Marry someone or stay single? Etc, etc, etc.┬áMost of us weigh all the pros and cons related to these types of decisions and make the choice that weContinue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

I Believe, But I Have No Faith

BE-LIEF Noun 1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. 2. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction. Seems like a pretty simple word with a very straightforward definition. However, it really isn’t that simple, is it? As I read this definition I couldn’t helpContinue reading “I Believe, But I Have No Faith”

Gone, But Not Forgotten 2012

Another year has passed and it always makes me think of the people we have lost. I think 2012 had more recognizable names than any year I can remember. From major heavyweights like Dick Clark to American heroes like Neil Armstrong. Music icons like Etta James and Marvin Hamlisch, as well as television icons likeContinue reading “Gone, But Not Forgotten 2012”

The Paparazzi Need To Be Held Accountable…….Finally!

The quote from the police officer is at the root of the problem. “You give up your right to privacy when you become a celebrity.” This is what was said to Justin Beiber when he was pulled over for speeding while attempting to elude overly aggressive paparazzi. “You give up your right to privacy whenContinue reading “The Paparazzi Need To Be Held Accountable…….Finally!”