The Cheating Never Stops

So what is it gonna take for professional sports to get it right as it relates to steroids? Why is it so difficult for them to adopt the methods used in boxing and the olympics, that require post competition testing of the athletes? More importantly, why do the leagues allow the players to dictate, inContinue reading “The Cheating Never Stops”

My (Awesome) Team vs Your (Crappy) Team

The dictionary defines a “rival” as: One who attempts to equal or surpass another, or who pursues the same object as another; a competitor. Furthermore, a “rivalry” is defined as: The state or condition of being a rival. Both definitions hardly do a good job of defining what true sports fans would consider a “rival”Continue reading “My (Awesome) Team vs Your (Crappy) Team”

It’s Time To Slow Down

By now, most sports fans, even the casual ones, have heard about the tragic death of Indy racer, Dan Wheldon. He was 33 years old and among the most elite in his sport. A superstar. He won the Indianapolis 500, for the second time, this year, and is the 4th winningest driver in the historyContinue reading “It’s Time To Slow Down”

The Debate Needs To End

There is only one debate, as it relates to who the best quarterback of all time is. Brady or Manning? It starts and ends there. However, before the debate begins we need to establish why many other great quarterback are not being considered. The answer is simple. They were not as good. I don’t wannaContinue reading “The Debate Needs To End”

I Am Embarassed

I never thought I would see the day, when the manager of the Red Sox would choose to leave. Not get unceremoniously fired, but to voluntarily walk away. However, that is exactly what happened today, September 30th, 2011. That’s right, the most liked, most successful and 2nd winningest manager in Sox history, walked away fromContinue reading “I Am Embarassed”

When Will It Stop?

I’m sure, by now, most sports fans have heard about the controversy surrounding Carolina Panther’s GM, Jerry Richardson, and his comments on The Charlie Rose Show. He basically paraphrased a conversation he had with Cam Newton, prior to drafting him, in which he apparently asked him if he had any tattoos. When Cam said no,Continue reading “When Will It Stop?”

Is There Really Any Doubt?

As I watched Monday Night Football last night, and by the way, suck it Rexy, the reports came in that Jim Thome had hit 2 home runs to reach 600 in his career. He became only the 8th player in history to reach this milestone. However, as the game came to a close and SportsCenterContinue reading “Is There Really Any Doubt?”

The Greatest?

Define “the greatest.” It isn’t easy. Is it strictly the guy with the best stats, and if it is, which stats are you using? Is it the guy with the most, or the better average? Does longevity trump pure skill? Ask any true football fan, who the greatest running back of all time is, andContinue reading “The Greatest?”