Follow The Leader

It hasn’t even been a week since the NFL owners and players worked out a deal to avoid missing games this season. Although the mad dash of signings and trades, in such a short span, has been exciting, it doesn’t change the fact that the exact same thing is about to play out in theContinue reading “Follow The Leader”

Brawls and Long Balls

I never thought I would see the day where I would say that Major League Baseball could learn a thing from the NBA, let alone two. However, today is that day. I consider myself a huge baseball fan and a quasi traditionalist, which is to say, I don’t want TOO many changes to the game, just onesContinue reading “Brawls and Long Balls”

The Day It All Begins

nd I think I always knew that this was inevitable. Sitting in front of my computer and typing away (I refuse to say blogging, except this once), about the thoughts and opinions I have on sports, and life. I truly have no real idea what direction I am going to go with these ramblings, but IContinue reading “The Day It All Begins”