Reality, Chick.

When I sit down at my computer to write something, no matter how trivial, I expect that the people who read it will like it. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think, “you have the gift of gab, and the ability to put that gift to use.” Of course, that’s in the backContinue reading “Reality, Chick.”

When Will It Stop?

I’m sure, by now, most sports fans have heard about the controversy surrounding Carolina Panther’s GM, Jerry Richardson, and his comments on The Charlie Rose Show. He basically paraphrased a conversation he had with Cam Newton, prior to drafting him, in which he apparently asked him if he had any tattoos. When Cam said no,Continue reading “When Will It Stop?”

I Love That Dirty Water

How does one even begin to describe the love they have for their hometown? The utter joy that is felt during the simplest of activities, and the absolute pain that is felt when you have to leave……..again. This is the dilemma that I deal with on days like today. Sitting at Logan airport, waiting toContinue reading “I Love That Dirty Water”

The Day It All Begins

nd I think I always knew that this was inevitable. Sitting in front of my computer and typing away (I refuse to say blogging, except this once), about the thoughts and opinions I have on sports, and life. I truly have no real idea what direction I am going to go with these ramblings, but IContinue reading “The Day It All Begins”